Website Design and Maintenance

Website Design is a must in this day and age for any business. Even if a business is to showcase what it does with a small 5 page site – it’s essential!
We specialise for all different type of websites ringing from a small showcase to a large corporate e-Commerce website. Whatever the industry, we can help!
Promotion Team UK also offer a number of tailored maintenance plans bespoke to each website if the upkeep is too much for the client.
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All Size Websites

Our minimum websites start at 4 pages and work their way up. We can register domain name and host your website as well. It’s all under one roof! It couldn’t be easier!

Corporate + eCommerce

Big organisation? Online shop? Maybe both? We can build sites of any size and make them look great as well with or without a shop involved.
Our shops are fully secured, and offer Debit Card facilities and are very easy to add and take products off.


Constantly changing your website and wanting facelifts? Adding/taking off the products becoming too much for you? Not a problem – we are more than happy to help through our maintenance plans.

Organic SEO

SEO Stands for Search Engine Optimisation, which means generating a high search result for a website through Google and other Search Engines so potential clients find it easy to find your business.

  • Our websites start to see an increased traffic flow very quickly, and will start to see their Google listing on the first page within 3 Months, although this normally happens quicker.
  • We don’t like the idea of our clients feeling as though they are in a contract they can’t get out of. our paperwork is a rolling monthly contract, which includes a 30 day “get out” clause. we’re proud to say that we have never had a client leave us!
  • We SEO our websites primarily for Google, as 90% of people use it as their main search engine. There are actually thousands of search engines out there. We submit your website through our programs, which will automatically and gradually input your website to those not-so-popular search engines out there giving you a better chance of being found.

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Locational SEO

We specialise in Locational SEO. This means keywords within a location. For example; Organic SEO Essex.

Guaranteed 1-3 on Google

80% of Search Engine Users will skip straight past Pay Per Click Advertisement at the top and side of the search and skip straight to the Organic Searches. 95% of Search Engine Users will click on the first to third listing they see, therefor makign them 95% more likely to generate business.

100% Safe

All our Organic SEO processes are completely legal and will not affect your Google score in a bad way, or will they get your website blacklisted on Search Engines. Our Organic SEO work is completely cosier.

Drive REAL Traffic to Your Website

We send traffic to your website to build your search results. Once you are at a good ranking, you will start to see REAL people that you would not have visited your website previously through the search engine results.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook and Twitter being the hub of Social Media generate businesses millions of pounds each year. If you can optimise Social Media correctly, you can succeed online.
Social Media Marketing gives you a voice to the general public in the form of press releases, relationship management, ratings, sales and many more!
The above in conjunction with professional Social Media Marketers can provide a following to produce and work upon.
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Being the most old school method of Promotion, Print is still a very important tool to getting the word out there.
We specialise in the design and production of Leaflets, Business Cards, Banners, Poster, Pop-Up banners and much more!
We have found that our business cards and leaflets have the best value to quality ratio in Essex!
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