Organic SEO is the name given to the process of optimising a website to appear higher in search engine results without directly paying them for it. It remains an area many businesses find difficult to get to grips with. Understanding how to optimise your website can seem confusing but with some planning it can end up paying you back many times over.

Why is organic SEO so important?
80+% of people skip straight past the paid advertising and move directly to the top organic results. This means that moving up the search engine results page, particularly high up the first page means an opportunity to gain a lot of customers.

How Do I Optimise My Website?

Responsive Design
Tablets and smartphones account for an increasingly large segment of internet traffic. The screen sizes readers are viewing your website on vary more than ever before. When a page is said to be ‘responsive’ it adapts its layout to best fit what the customer is using to view it.
As with much SEO, it is best practice to think of making the end user’s experience smooth and your content easy to navigate. If you have an older website that is not responsive, it may be worth spending the money necessary to redesign it as users are migrating over to mobile devices and Google promotes fast loading responsive websites before others.

Local Optimisation
Google like to offer searchers businesses or places of interest near them. It uses information it stores on every user to best tailor the results they display. Making sure your business is listed on Google Maps is always a good idea as Google display a map pinpointing all the nearest options for your customer’s query.
You can take it a step further by including a location in your keywords.

Keyword Selection
Here is your opportunity to target exactly what your customers are searching for. Take the time to use Google Adwords Keyword Tool and read up on the language people are using when searching for the good or service you provide.
It makes sense to target long-tail keywords. The more specific you get, not only does the competition become less but you also appear to people more interested in exactly what you provide. “Organic SEO Essex” is a longer tailed keyword than just “SEO”.

Address A Need
Google and the people that use it love to get a direct answer to a question. If you can ask a question your customer has and then answer it, you can be rewarded with a higher ranking. The amount of shares, comments and links a post has and the longer people stay on your page, the more Google promote you.

Customers need to build a relationship and trust with a seller before they buy. Large companies can afford to do this via traditional advertising to improve and maintain brand awareness. Blogging gives you an excellent opportunity to build this trust as customers get the chance to learn about what you stand for while displaying your knowledge of the subject.
Importantly, a blog provides fresh material for Google to index and promote above others it considers outdated.

Site Structure
Website visitors start forming an opinion about a website in less than a second. Google and search engine users like to immediately see a familiar structure that can be navigated.
Adding schema ‘mark ups’ to your site gives context to your content, telling search engines how best to optimise what it displays and the topic it falls into. Schema.org is an initiative allowing search engines to understand a site quickly and in more detail meaning they can offer richer results to search terms. The richer the snippet, the more the click through rate to your site improves.

Having another website link to yours is seen by Google as a vote on it being a good source of information. Each website has its own ‘authority’ which determines the importance search engines place on this vote.
There are many techniques for garnering these votes but a good objective to aim for is to make your content highly shareable. Ask yourself if it will make somebody look good to their friends and colleagues to share it.

You can reach out and contact experts in your industry at every stage of creating new content or changing a page on your website. Invite them to contribute, acknowledge them in the text and inform them before you hit publish. Through using social media you can reach many people interested in your topic.

SEO is a process and doing it yourself, you will find the results aren’t immediate. Promotion Team UK use a combination of these and other techniques to drive customers towards your website and guarantee you a place in spots 1-3 of Google.


Organic SEO

Organic SEO

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