Promotion Team UK are Essex-based local organic SEO specialists, this means we are experts in gaining businesses new customers through helping them appear high up in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). We use local SEO as one of the best ways of getting the most valuable traffic to your site.

Why are people who use local searches more valuable to me?
Put simply, people searching for the good or service you offer and who are also in Essex are more likely to become customers.

Focusing on local SEO can bring great rewards while also limiting the amount of competition you face. As there are fewer competitive businesses in any given area the more feasible and worthwhile it becomes to compete with them.

Why is local SEO important?
Part of the reason why it is important to put together a local SEO campaign is that the businesses you are competing with are also your real-world competition. Gaining an edge here can more simply translate to business success.

On-Page Local SEO
The information you put on your website such as your title and description tags can have a huge impact on your local SEO performance.
Ensure that your name, address and phone number appear prominently and correctly. As you get further through the steps you will find that entering this information will be important in optimising your website.
It is always better to select your keywords before producing your content, work out what area you want to focus on and be consistent. Conduct research on what terminology customers are using, and focus on the area you serve, for example “Essex”.
Think about how customers will interact with your site, make sure it provides an answer to what they are looking for.

Build Up ‘Authority’ Through Citations
This step is simple but can be highly time consuming, a citation occurs when another website mentions your company by name. Search engines value this as evidence that your company is useful to its users.
To build a good online profile you must submit your website to many different sites starting with Google and Bing and followed by popular sites for businesses like Yelp and Facebook. It is important that your name, address and phone number appear correctly throughout all of these sites

Clean Up Your Google Footprint
This starts by making sure you have 1 Google+ account and that all the information is correct. If possible, make sure your primary email address has your domain name in it.
You can write an introduction describing your business, use this to include keywords you are targeting but remember to think of the human reader in mind. You can take the extra step of getting a Google trusted photographer to take photos of your business.

Make use of Google Webmaster Tools to see how Google views your website and Google Analytics to help build and track your SEO campaigns.
We go through the process of verifying websites for other search engines such as Bing and those which also have their own variation of webmaster tools.

Customer Reviews
Be sure to highlight positive reviews, use a schema markup to tell the search engines what they are and they will include it in your SERP snippet.

Competitor Analysis
Sites like, and offer analysis of what your competitors are doing and how successful their campaigns have been. This is obviously a goldmine of information but you need to know how to interpret it in order for it to be most useful.
The steps outlined above are just the start to a successful local SEO campaign but hopefully give you enough information to either try it for yourself or hire the right SEO experts.


You can reach out and contact experts in your industry at every stage of creating new content or changing a page on your website. Invite them to contribute, acknowledge them in the text and inform them before you hit publish. Through using social media you can reach many people interested in your topic.

SEO is a process and doing it yourself, you will find the results aren’t immediate. Promotion Team UK use a combination of these and other techniques to drive customers towards your website and guarantee you a place in spots 1-3 of Google.


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