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How Targeting Multiple Locations For Locational SEO Can Bring You New Business

When starting out with SEO, it can be easy to think of locational SEO as just telling the World where you do business from. It pays however to remember that you are promoting your business, the more people you can get to see and visit your site the better.
The best scenario for your business is to appear as an exact match for what your customers or potential customers are looking for. This means it is better to be specific but how do you know exactly how your target customers are describing what they want and where they are willing to look for it?
The answer is that you can’t, at least not all the time. The best you can do is approach the same end goal, them seeing and clicking on your business website from as many different angles as possible. This is where increasing the locations you include in your SEO package comes in.

When should you invest in multiple locational SEO locations?

Adding new locations to your SEO is a way of expanding the territory of your business. When you start to think of it as increasing your business’s reach and appearing to more and more customers you begin to realise how cheap it really is. Compared to the costs of other methods such as advertising campaigns or leafleting you can see how little money you have to spend.
You may be used to thinking of your business and customers as being fixed in one place so it can be a little strange to start to consider growing your business’s presence without much cost but it can be done.

What makes our clients decide to choose multiple SEO locations?

Ultimately it comes down to the success that they experience from their initial locational SEO. If a client already understands the benefits of targeting different customers then they may opt to go straight to a multiple location option but otherwise their desire comes from seeing the increase in customers finding their store and wanting to expand it.
It takes planning and expertise to implement each locational name you add to your SEO campaign in order to avoid falling foul of Google’s rules and getting penalised. You must be consistent with your name, address and phone number and gain citations from other websites, for example directories to get the benefits of a high ranking.
Of course there is always a balance, we make sure you don’t target areas that are incredibly unlikely to bring you customers. We ensure that your return-on-investment remains as high as possible. We know that Google and other search engines accept our methods as we do it the right way and get rewarded as we help their users find what they are looking for.



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